1. To make an effective and sustainable cooperation with all our stakeholders for the products and services accepted by international standards
2. To continuously improve our processes by measuring our quality performance and following technological innovations
3.To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by continuously improving our efficiency and efficiency
4. Performing production by taking into account the customer demands and international standards in all areas of our products and services,
5.To create and develop a quality management system that will ensure the highest level of corporate performance by creating a participatory organization with a total quality management approach.

1. Taking the necessary precautions against the risks and risks that may arise by taking the proactive approach as the main target.
2. To contribute to the development of responsibility awareness by enabling our employees to comprehend their place and responsibilities in this system through training programs that we will organize.
3. Committing to comply with applicable OHS legislation and legal requirements
4. To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases by eliminating the possible risks with the participation of our employees.
5. To create a healthy and safe work environment for all our employees.
6. Continuously improving our performance with the participation of all our employees in an effort to be an exemplary organization in our sector

1. As Turkey's leading company in the sector, resolve customer requests in a fair, transparent, fast, reassuring and customer-oriented manner, 
2. To ensure and increase customer satisfaction.
3. Fully meet quality expectations.
4. To establish a long term, a fair and winning relationship with our customers for both parties.
5. To provide continuity by explaining our customer satisfaction policy in all units of our organization.
6. To treat everyone equally and impartially.
7. Comply with current legal and regulatory requirements,

1.To maintain the "Right person for the right job, the right job for the right person" policy at every level,
2. Designing, implementing and evaluating all training programs from the bottom to the top position by placing training at the center of development,
3. To take problem solving skills to the highest levels with solutionist approaches,
4. To reflect our multi-dimensional perspective to our employees as an equal and humanistic approach to all our human resources practices, free from all kinds of discrimination such as religion, language, race, and gender.
5. Paying attention to and respecting the personality of the personnel; to protect the protection of material and moral rights,
6. To provide the staff with fair and equal opportunities in terms of working, training and development according to their abilities,
7. To establish and implement a performance and career system that will evaluate personnel according to according to objective criteria and equitable.

1.By Providing environmental training to all of our employees from senior management to the lowest unit, to be environmentally sensitive individuals with the awareness of common responsibility,
2. To comply with all legal regulations in force in relation to the environment,
3. To increase the efficiency of our operations and to reduce energy consumption,
4. To continuously improve our environmental performance and to consider environmental impacts in our new investments,
5. Reducing natural resource consumption by using materials that can be reused or recycled,