Kartal Bombe opens its new factory

Kartal Bombe opens its new factory 09.12.2019

Turkey's industry leaders eyes filled with the most comprehensive 
facilities with metal processing capacity of more than 50 thousand tons of steel within Kartal Group .

Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Hasan Ali Çelik, 
Kocaeli Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, 
Imes Chairman Kemal Akar were kindly present at the opening ceremony of the KBS Deep Drawing Facility Branch, 
which produces world-class production with the latest technology, in İMES Organized Industrial Zone , 
by participation also of Imes Organized Industrial Zone Chairman Süheyl Erboz, 
Kartal Group Chairman Mehmet Ali Kartal and many more esteemed industry leaders .

A Stronger Step into the Manufacturing Industry  ; New KBS Branch of Kartal Group ,In the field of Dished heads and Allied Products manufacturing in Turkey, 
serving for both Turkey's and for the world's most important companies in various countries, 
have been in operation since 2015 as an organization that produces deep-drawn dished heads,
allied parts and accessories, foresee  %50 percent of its' production directly or indirectly and %50 percent for domestic market needs for mainly energy,
machinery, sanitary and related sectors with subsidiary products for pressurized or non-pressurized tanks.