Ekrem Kartal: We are one of the few companies in the world

Ekrem Kartal: We are one of the few companies in the world 09.12.2019

Eagle Bomber bomber average annual giving services to ships in the maritime sector with a processing capacity of 50 thousand tons of metal Turkey's first, is known as one of the world's leading brand of expertise.
Kartal Bombe, which responds to the needs of the ships in the marine sector, offers solutions for ships that will swim in international waters. We met with Ekrem Kartal, Assistant General Manager of the company, which is one of the leading companies in the world. Kartal explained both the importance they attach to R & D and the importance of bombs in shipbuilding industry.
Kartal Bombe, which is managed by the third generation of the Kartal family and continues its activities as a heavy industry enterprise, has been providing solutions to the industry since 1945. Kartal Group, which is a global corporation in terms of management criteria as well as service and product export geography, is one of the rare examples of the growing sector with its own developed capital. Eagle Group KBS brand as Europe's, Asia's, and as a reliable supplier of metal forming industry known for its most respected organizations in the Middle Doğu`N Avustralya`N even distant continent's average annual processing capacity of 50 thousand tons of metal Turkey with the first is recognized as one of the world's leading specialty brands.
Providing the power of domestic production in challenging working areas such as onboard equipment sector, heavy industry and shipbuilding; a wide range of sizes and types of bomber production takes place.
Kartal Bombe has many different types of products. Could you tell us about the usage areas of these products?
In our factory in Gebze, the production of curves as one piece from 3 cm to 9 meters is realized. Our product groups include air tanks, oil tankers and even iron and steel industry and marine industry. Bombe, in fact, even in areas you will never think of as a need may come. In the iron and steel industry, where we work intensively, there is a crucible where iron is melted. The bottom of that crucible is bombed; because heating and cooling of the iron requires tanks. You can see that it is used extensively there. In the gas sector, liquefied petroleum gas is encountered in areas such as liquefied natural gas tanks. It should be used wherever the energy needs to be stored. In the shipbuilding area, you will see the ships that will be modernized and of course you can see various bombs inside the ships according to the industrial branch they will serve.
Which areas of the ship need bombs?
There is a need for bombs in areas such as steam boilers, air tanks and cooling tanks. Since there are more high-pressure tanks, the safety floor number is much higher than anything on land. Therefore, these bombs are produced from thicker materials. But a ship can be used in many places within the bomb.
What are the marina preferences?
According to the design of the ship, the carrying capacity, the type of material to be transported and the model / year, not only the newly built ships; these criteria are also important for ships undergoing modernization. For example; The life of an air tank also varies with operating hours. For example, hemispherical bombs. Gas can be stored in them. However, all such decisions are determined in the project part after the contract is signed before the production of the ships. As the shipyards start to produce the plates on the approved project drawing, that is, the outer shell of the ship, we start to produce the bombs of the desired size and characteristics. When the production of the outer shell is finished and the interior design of the ship is started, we deliver our bombs to the shipyards. Therefore, we always maintain our bilateral relations while making choices in engineering.
In the field of bombe, you do business in the on-board equipment sector and in the shipbuilding sector…

The criteria in both fields are different. Which field is more challenging?
Bombe production is not an easy task anyway ... It is an area of ​​expertise that even few companies can do in the world! We are making bombs for oil refineries under the brand KBS Kartal Bombe… For example, there are not many companies in the world that can make the bombs of LNG natural gas tanks; but we're there too. Generally, shipbuilding industry has shifted its production to South Korea; but they can take bombs from us. There is also the case: the subject of bombing is a very technical issue. For example, two tanks are needed to store natural gas. So there must be a tank in the tank. One tank must be made of stainless steel. Let me explain as follows: Natural gas is stored at 290 and above and stored in the liquid phase. Therefore, the tank must be made of stainless steel. Gas is stored in it, and there is another tank outside. That tank is also made of carbon steel, which is black material. Insulation materials are placed between the two tanks so that protection can be provided. For example, imagine that the weather is 30 degrees on the road. The liquid tries to expand, if these materials are not installed well, this time leaks begin to form. And nobody wants that to happen! Therefore, the intertwining of the two tanks also provides both protection and insulation. For such reasons, it is difficult to manufacture bulbs, and the number of firms that produce it is quite small. We offer solutions to every sector that needs us with our experience and quality to date. Although the demand of one sector differs from that of another sector, we do not have any problems thanks to our expertise.
Which shipyards do you work in our country?
Sedef Shipyard, RMK Marin, Tuzla Shipyard, Dearsan shipbuilding industry, such as the major players and other groups that serve the shipyard sector.
You offer a tremendous engineering service… Well, isn't there a shortage of qualified personnel in this region? How do you rule out this problem?
First of all, we strive to make our existing employees happy. We strive to create the most ideal physical conditions for them and provide a working environment for prosperity. Moreover, we try to deal with almost every problem. When we shake hands with our employees for the first time, we agree to retire, and even if their children are qualified, we provide them with jobs. In addition, working at Kartal Bombe is a great reference for someone involved. Our company is a school for a person working in our company and there are opportunities to find a job after us. Kartal Bombe has existed in this sector for many years and we are doing our job properly. Only in markets worldwide is also known in Turkey and we are preferred.
What is the place of Kartal Bombe in Kartal Group? Has the land expansion process started in Kartal Bombe?
There are companies such as Kartal Bombe, Güven Bombe, Kartal Plastering Industry, Kartal Machinery Industry, Bemmak and Güçlü Bending within the Kartal Group companies. Kartal Bombe operates in Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone, Section 4, with a covered area of ​​13 thousand square meters and 40 thousand square meters. We started production in Gebze Dilovası in 1991 for the first time. We plan to expand our structure within this month by adding the land located next to our factory to our 13 thousand square meter place which is currently available. We will add another covered area of ​​approximately 9,000 square meters.
How did 2015 pass for you? At what stage is your investment activities for 2016?
Last year we increased our turnover by 70, 80 percent. In 2016, our new investments will continue. It will be a year of tremendous leaps for Eagle Bombe. We will work more on increasing the physical conditions, adding new factory buildings to the existing land and making our new equipment ready. In 2016, we aimed to complete these investments. Ihtiyacı There is a need for bombs in areas such as steam boilers, air tanks and cooling tanks. Criteria such as the design of the ship, the carrying capacity and the type of material to be transported come to the fore in the production of these bombs. Not only on newly built ships; We also provide service to modernized ships. 70 “Last year we increased our turnover by 70, 80 percent. In 2016, our new investments will continue. It will be a year of tremendous leaps for Eagle Bombe.