Kartal Bombe Factory Manager Halil Kartal

 Kartal Bombe Factory Manager Halil Kartal 07.07.2020

Kartal Bombe Factory Manager Halil Kartal: “We have been serving in the Turkish industry for 75 years, and from now on, we will continue our duty by signing greater successes”

Covid-19, the world's agenda. As a company, can you give information about your precautions and practices? First of all, we wish God's mercy to all our citizens who lost their lives due to Covid-19 epidemic disease, and we wish urgent healing to patients. After the Covid-19 case was detected in our country, we took very fast actions as KBS. We have made various changes and arrangements by publishing an in-company notice containing many topics such as guest visits, meetings, outgoing cargo to our company, working hours. At first, considering the health of our employees, chronic discomfort, pregnancy, etc. We sent our friends who had their own cases to their homes by taking administrative leave. In addition, we made fire measurements of all our visitors, especially our staff, at the entrance and exits of the factory, and provided them with controlled disinfectants and masks. We have placed our disinfectants in many points and sprayed all our office areas and service vehicles every 2 weeks. During this period, our cleaning staff may be more tired because they do more detailed and more frequent cleaning, but they have contributed to their motivation by making their colleagues feel better. We were a company that was careful to use disposable products before this epidemic, and we tried to minimize the contact path by making more sensitive studies in areas where hand contact increased with the epidemic. For example; By packing the cutlery used in our cafeteria, we served it to our staff, we supplied the spices as disposable products. We reduced the contact as much as possible by putting the masks we provided in disposable bags. On the other hand, we have applied the social distance rule very seriously. We took care to comply with the minimum 1.5 meters rule at every point from service vehicles to clothing changing areas.Of course, besides all these, I think that we did one of our most important duties by passing all our employees through Covid-19 health screening in May.How much were your domestic and international sales affected in this process? How did you complete the first quarter with a painting?

If we talk about it domestically, we did not experience a sharp drop like a knife at the beginning of the process, we continued to produce the orders received earlier. However, as of the 2nd week, there was a serious decrease in the requests for proposals up to 40%. In addition, I can say that our overseas sales were stable, but we also had problems with deliveries there. Since there are companies that do not work or have curfews, the products produced remained in our stock area for a while that there are still pending orders.We can say that the first quarter passed as we aimed. We achieved an increase in our sales volume compared to the previous year. Of course, we will try to compensate for the rapid decline experienced due to this Covid-19 like many other companies, but this time our business is not easy because there is a global contraction.Kartal Bombe AŞ, which has been serving the Turkish industry since 1945, continues to produce with steady and solid steps. How is Kartal Bombe going through this process when the world is grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic? We talked to Halil Bombe Factory Manager Halil Kartal.

Governments have announced several measures to tackle Covid-19. Turkey also announced economic measures. Do you find it enough? What are the missing points?During this time, we saw that the size of some states was only numbers. We regretfully watched that many great economies left their citizens to die. In this process, we wished most of our government to bring our citizens back to their health, and we saw that this was also carried out successfully.The measures announced were both economic, legal and epidemic prevention, involving many sectors and individuals. Of course, there were some parts of our economic measures that interest us, but the number of steps towards our needs was small, we wished that there would be more improvements in customs and other taxes that would increase our sales figures, especially export volume. For example, VAT discount in domestic airline transportation could be made in our sector and a serious reduction in cost items could be achieved.

Can you share your expectations about 2020? While we have great hopes for 2020, I think we are sharing the feelings that many people are feeling right now. When we say earthquakes, fires, accidents, the negative atmosphere of this Covid-19 outbreak does not make itself felt, but we will do our best to reach our goals with the awareness that “every crisis creates its own opportunity”. We hope that the remaining 6 months of the year will be a more promising, healthier and much more Turkish industry winner than the first 6 months.

Want to add… As Kartal Bombe Sanayi, I would like to proudly and happily share that we have been in Turkish industry for 75 years since 1945. We have never left our job during this pandemic period or any other period, and we wish to continue our duty by signing greater successes.