Our History

Kartal Bombe Sanayi (KBS) started it' s journey in the sector in 1940 when the deseased Mehmet KARTAL carried out the maintenance & repair operations of the ships that were serviced in Karaköy Kalafat Square. Upon the need for shaping the metals that emerged during these repair processes, it has focused on the manufacture of dished head and dished head products, which are today's areas of expertise, and has directed its journey in the sector.


Our Founder

He started his business life in 'Topkapi Salı Market' in the 1940s and founded 'KARTAL PRES' with the knowledge and experience he gained. Today, we commemorate Mr.Mehmet KARTAL, our industrial lover founder, with respect and longing.



Our Mission, Vision, Values

We have gained for more than half a century with the knowledge and experience for shaped parts of the need Turkish industry.



Our Team

We are working with all our friends without any discrimination such as gender, graduation status and collar color to deliver and produce you better. You can contact our team whenever you need us.


Ethical Code Of Conduct

We act in accordance with the principle of honesty in our business processes and relations with all of our stakeholders, making sure that the values of accuracy, business ethics and sincerity are more valuable and not forgetting.


Kartal Grup

It is a group of companies established by the investments made by KBS and under the leadership of Kartal family, which includes companies such as manufacturing, defense industry, energy and foreign trade.